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“Quality Southern Bluefin Tuna Port Lincoln South Australia”

Southern Bluefin Tuna Product

Southern Bluefin Tuna Product

Sarin Marine Farm

Sarin Marine Farm SMF is committed to offering our customers a high quality product under the Sarin Marine Farm SMF brand name. Currently our products are delivered to our customers in two forms: fresh chilled Southern Bluefin Tuna (bled, gilled and gutted) and super frozen Southern Bluefin Tuna (bled, gilled and gutted).

The fresh products are transported to overseas by air directly, and super frozen products are shipped either by freezer boat or refer container with storage temperature set at approximately -60 degrees.

Our main focus and production in recent years has been our super frozen product. Our super frozen product is frozen very rapidly to its Eutectic Point (EP), the temperature at which all cellular activity stops and the point which halts the natural decay that begins upon death. It’s similar to the process used in the medical field to preserve blood. With tuna at approximately -60 degrees temperature it is possible to transport and store indefinitely without loss of quality. When our super frozen product is deforested it revives to exactly the moment it was frozen, increasing its just caught quality and shelf life.