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“Quality Southern Bluefin Tuna Port Lincoln South Australia”

Quality Southern Bluefin Tuna

Quality Sashimi

Southern Bluefin Tuna Sashimi

Southern Bluefin Tuna Sashimi

Quality Southern Bluefin Tuna

from Sarin Marine Farm

Through our whole operation and process, our goal is to achieve maximum possible result in quality. At Sarin Marine Farm SMF, management and staff all understand that quality is the most important factor for our business success. We have a saying at SMF, “QUALITY BECAUSE WE CARE”. Currently Sarin Marine Farm SMF is being well recognized all over the world for its high quality of SBT with great fatness, oil and natural color.

Since 1997 SMF has invested plenty of hours, resources and a significant amount of money to ultimately understand, enhance and improve farming/ranching methods. Over the Years we have made advances in the areas involving fish health, nutrition and finally the product quality.

Offshore Zone

Southern Bluefin Farming

In 2011 Sarin Marine Farm SMF made the pioneering decision to move their Farm in the offshore zone. It is what we now call Offshore Farming.

Sarin Marine Farm SMF is currently the only tuna ranching company to farm tuna in the offshore zone 24NM east of Port Lincoln.

The offshore zone has presented us with unique weather challenges being further out with much rougher seas and stronger tides. We have however overcome these challenges because we believe that it enables us to produce a much higher quality product. Allowing the fish to grow in deeper water has had a positive result because the fish are grown in water similar to their natural environment.

Sarin Marine Farm SMF has undertaken this huge commitment because we believe in producing the highest quality possible. It’s nice to know that our tuna have been described as being like fat wild fish, the highest compliment a tuna can receive.

Offshore Farming