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“Quality Southern Bluefin Tuna Port Lincoln South Australia”


Sarin Marine Farm

Our mission is to become a leading organization worldwide in producing premium quality Southern Bluefin Tuna through our meticulous operational cycle from catch & tow, transfer to farm site, tuna feeding, to efficient quick harvesting & handling of the final product to meet our customer’s continual requirements.

David Sarin (Founder)

Sarin Marine Farm

Quality Southen Blufin Tuna


SMF Brand


Through our whole operation and process, our goal is to achieve maximum possible result in quality.

At Sarin Marine Farm SMF, management and staff all understand that quality is the most important factor for our business success. Sarin Marine Farm SMF, “QUALITY BECAUSE WE CARE”.

Currently SMF is being well recognized around the world for its high quality of Southern Bluefin Tuna SBT with great fatness, oil and natural color.

SMF is committed to offering our customers a high quality product under the SMF brand name. Currently our products are delivered to our customers in two forms: fresh chilled Southern Bluefin Tuna (bled, gilled and gutted) and super frozen Southern Bluefin Tuna (bled, gilled and gutted).

The fresh products are transported to overseas by air directly, and super frozen products are shipped either by freezer boat or refer container with storage temperature set at approximately -60 degrees.

Sarin Marine Farm (SMF) was established in 1997. David Sarin with a solid background in the tuna industry is the founder of SMF and is also the active president of the company. SMF is mainly focused on farming naturally caught Southern Bluefin Tuna (SBT) and supplying SBT with improved quality to overseas for the sashimi market.

In practice, SMF has successfully integrated its management system into the whole operation of the business to achieve maximum possible result in quality and customer satisfaction while maintaining environmental health, food and work safety.